About us

Sandune surf company was created in Port Lincoln South Australia, known for its fishing industry Port Lincoln has always been connected to the sea and gaining from all it has to offer including amazing West Coast waves.

What started out as a little scribble in the back of a school book (most probably english) in 2002 to some 10 years later in 2012 the logo and name was trademarked and finally in the last few years has had the time, effort, belief and support to really have a crack at making it into a surf brand covering multiple outdoor sports and skills. Originally it was just meant to be a logo for a sand board, how things have changed!

Sandune as a brand prides its self on quality in craftsmanship, functionality in art and the use of alternative more eco friendly materials still with great aesthetics and longevity. From hollow wooden surfboards to water based screen printing inks to recycled foam freezer panels for surfboard cores the more interesting and challenging the material the better!

The goal is the try and keep as much as possible Australia and local where possible. Australian plantation grown paulownia is used for most of the boards and the rest is recycled western red cedar. The inks we use for screen printing are Australian made. The screen printing and sewn on tags are all done in house (literally) in little old Port Lincoln.

Sandune would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have supported and had a hand in creating a dream and welcome and thank everyone who have taken the time to check out this page and products we have to offer.