Sandune offers ding repairs and restorations in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Prices below are a base rate and each individual repair will be determined on inspection. Quotes are able too be given before the repair begins.

***Please note*** EPS boards requiring epoxy resin are an additional $20 per repair price, also boards will take a little longer when requiring epoxy.

If boards are required fast then we can now offer a two day turn around ***Depending on work load and weather permitting*** If you aren't willing to wait and require a fast tracked repair (dings only) there is an additional fee of $20.*does not apply to EPS boards requiring epoxy.

We appreciate patience when waiting for your board to be repaired as this is not our main service as a brand, the ding shop is more a service for the people so they can get their beloved boards back in the water. Please expect up to 3-6 weeks to get your board back. In saying this if we have the time and things are going to plan we will get it back to you ASAP!

* Small Ding - $40

* Large Ding - $50-$70

* 2x Dings - $50-$70

* 3+ Dings - $60+  (price determined on inspection)

* Small Rail ding - $50 - $60

* Large Rail Ding - $70+

* Nose Rebuild - $70+

* Tail Rebuild - $70+

* Half Crease - $100+

* Full Crease - $150+

* Snapped Board - $250+

* Glassed on fin repairs $130 per fin 

* FCS original replacement - 1 Plug $70 - 2 Plugs $120

* FCS 2 - $120

* Futures - $120

* Bayne Box - $130-$150

* Wax Removal - $30

* Colour Match - $10-$20

* Restoration - Quote 


* Please take your leg ropes, fins and Board bag with you unless negotiated. It is also preferred that the board is dropped of with minimal wax on the board any spots that need wax removed for the repair will be an extra charge of up to $30

Once we have finished your board if you could please pick it up within 3 months or you will be charged $10 per week from there after to cover storage costs. if it is not picked up with in 6 months the board becomes property of sandune and will be sold to recoup costs.

We will treat your boards as if it was one of our own and hopefully this shows through with the end fix.